Private Networks

Draw on a Private Network solution from Anttel, and you’ll be able to cost-effectively connect dispersed offices and ensure that everyone in your organisation has secure and reliable access to your IT infrastructure.

An MPLS WAN (Wide Area Network) solution from Anttel is a high-quality, managed service that allows you to fully access this potential and enjoy greater speed, reliability and the ability to enable end-to-end quality of service (QoS).

Rather than building and maintaining your own office-to-office data network, a private network from Anttel is a cost-effective way to improve the reliability and security of your organisation’s communications.


Features of Anttel’s Private Networks

• Private Secure Environment

• Guaranteed Bandwidth and Performance

• Quality of Service (e.g. prioritise VoIP, Conferencing, Citrix)

• Guaranteed Availability and Uptime

• Expand your network nationally with a truly affordable investment

• Utilise a mix of Access technologies (e.g. Fibre, Ethernet over Copper, Fixed Wireless, ADSL2+, SHDSL)

• Redundancy built in via redundant access technologies (e.g. EoC failover)

• Anttel Managed Firewall and Anttel Access Protection Available

A private network from Anttel delivers major improvements in:

• Speed–performing lookups for destinations and routing is much faster than with non-MPLS routers.

• Performance and QoS – MPLS services, can reduce the number of “hops” between network points, which increases response time and improves application performance.

• Security – MPLS offers greater security and privacy, and no site-to-site traffic touches the internet.

  • The service has been really going really well. I must say the whole process of signing up, installation and service has been superb.

    Richard Glover, IT Manager - ELGAS

  • I have no hesitation in recommending Anttel to any business that is looking to use the latest technology.

    David Power, Secretary Manager - Bondi Icebergs Club

  • Anttel's service is far more reliable and the support is really professional. We now recommend them to our clients.

    Mike Cunningham, Director - Tech-Connect IT Solutions

  • We have found Anttel to deliver high-quality calls and excellent value for money.  We are now recommending Anttel to our customers!

    Michael Lambert, Internet Technologist - Versacom Internet

  • I would recommend the services of Anttel to any business – big or small. The service has been impeccable.

    Chris Hazlett, Director - Century 21

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