Inbound 13/1300/1800

Showing that your business is serious about service is a great way to attract and retain customers on a national or even international stage and our Inbound Numbers can help your company look more established, dependable and committed to good service. Plus, if you ever relocate your business you never need to change your phone number.

Inbound Numbers are also a great tool to track where your customers are coming from. By using our inbuilt reporting systems, we allow you to track with ease the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.


Key Benefits of an Inbound Number:

1. Increased response rates to advertising

2. Gives your business a professional image

3. High public awareness phone number

4. National presence

5. Comprehensive call routing features available

6. Answer calls on any fixed or mobile phone worldwide

7. No need to change your number if you relocate

8. Instantly redirect your inbound number should your lines have a fault

9. You don’t need extra phone lines

10. Phone words like 1800ANTTEL make your business more memorable

Key Features of an Inbound Number:

• Hosted IVR

• Geographic and Post Code routing

• Voicemail to Email

• Call Recording

• Online Call Reporting and Tracking

Phone Words/Smart Numbers

Phone Words are a great way for your customers to remember your business, and your phone number. For example, our Phone Word is 1800 ANTTEL, which is dialled as 1800 268 835.

• Phone words are 13, 1300 or 1800 numbers followed by a word describing the business.

• The word is spelled out through the alphanumeric keypad on a mobile or landline handset.

• Phone words vary in price depending on how popular the word is.

• Phone words can have a memorable numeric pattern as well.

Anttel can manage the process of obtaining your Smart Number today, give us a call on 1800 ANTTEL.

  • Two years on, and I am still amazed at technology, Anttel have offered excellent service and back up support. I have every confidence in them. Highly recommended.  

    Barry Thomas, Manager - Pakenham Taxis

  • I would recommend the services of Anttel to any business – big or small. The service has been impeccable.

    Chris Hazlett, Director - Century 21 Real Estate

  • I have no hesitation in recommending Anttel to any business that is looking to use the latest technology and save money at the same time.

    David Power, Secretary Manager - Bondi Icebergs Club

  • We have found Anttel an absolute breath of fresh air after dealing with the large Telco providers. The service is far more reliable and the support is really professional. We now recommend them to our clients.

    Mike Cunningham, Director - Tech-Connect IT Solutions

  • At Versacom we have been using Anttel’s VoIP services for over a year.  We have found them to deliver high-quality calls, excellent value for money and have had no problems with the service.  We are now recommending Anttel to our customers!

    Michael Lambert, Internet Technologist - Versacom Internet